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Re: Very ill. Pls read my story (long)

Yes, def keep me posted, as I will you.

Yes, I had mildly positive ANA a month ago that ONE of my currents docs wants to follow up on. Just did another blood test for that to see where it's at.

I'm sure we're both fine, as I've read other forums where some folks have had some of our symptoms. They usually have like 10 posts, and then never respond when others, like us, ask them what was their diagnosis? I'm assuming these people stopped posting because they ended up being fine, and didn't end up dead (lol, and "knock on wood).

It feels better to type all of this out. I'm sure both of us have had some of our symptoms arise primarily due to stress.

You should at least look up the LIVER CLEANSE herb and the GALLBLADDER CLEANSE herb through Nature's Sunshine. They're like 15 bucks each, but come in a HUGE bottle so you can keep some around, and see if that works out for ya.

Keep me posted Denise. Let's both try and relax, lol.