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Re: End stages of COPD and Hospice

Thank you for the suggestions. I did call their local hospice and they said they need the Dr. to sign a form. So I will need to talk to my mom more about it. It's so hard living in another state. If I were in town with them I feel like I could be of more help. Right now my dad seems to be himself when I call to talk. There have been the rare occassions when he is confused and asks strange things. Like one day he was standing over the sink and my mom asked him what he needed. He said he couldn't figure out how to get the ice out. But those times are rare. This long process is so hard. A friend told me her father just died of a heart attack and it was instant. Thought it's quite sad and most likely a huge shock for loved ones...least he didn't suffer. I still need to explore in-home health options. $20 an hour for a nurse will get very expensive - that seems to be the going rate. I dont' think they can afford that. I don't know - I'm still a bit overwhelmed. This is a wonderful place to get advice that's for sure. Thanks!