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Re: food alleergies

Originally Posted by janewhite1 View Post
If your stomach is irritated from a food intolerance, it could react badly to all food. Or, it could be something else causing your bloating.

The most common food intolerances are dairy (milk) and gluten (grains.) Eliminating dairy temporarily is pretty easy, going gluten-free is trickier since people with gluten sensitivity must avoid all foods with even a trace amount of gluten.

well i have been tested for celiacs, parasites, bacteria, and had a cat scan all came back normal.i'm asking for answers because i suddenly became extremly bloated in back june and it hasnt gone away. but thats why i ask because i did breifly give up gluten for about a month back in august and it seemed to help a little and more then anything else has helped but i guess i didnt give it a long enough chance. then i got really bad again like pregnant looking. so i gave up gluten again starting 3 days ago. but thats why im asking because ever since this started it is literally everything i eat no matter what or how much that makes me bloated. a handful of raisens, a snickers bar (snickers are among the few gluten free candy bars) or a cup of cofee anything even in small amounts makes me bloat. so i dont understand if i have a food allergy or what. o yeah bloating only symptom no diareah no acid no constipation. to show i am not exagetating here are 2 photos one of my stomach normal and one of my stomach bloated.

o yeah and i am taking many probiotics different ones good ones, obviously not helping.
i take fennel seeds and fennel tea it helps to some extent.
digestive enzymes seem to help when i pop about 20 of them i can eat a banana.
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