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Lightbulb Re: Never Full! Always Hungry! Hunger so bad that it hurts! :(

Originally Posted by Sahreth View Post
I'm hungry constantly. For example, about 20 minutes or so ago, I had 2 eggs, 2 toast w/butter, 2 hot dogs, 2 glasses of orange juice, and some soda. Yet I still feel as if I have not eaten all day. I never feel full even in the slightest.

But, if I don't wake up during the night to eat (and I'm talking about a full meal, not a snack), then when I do wake up, I am so hungry that my stomach hurts and I can't get out of bed for nausea.
I'm a little confused because, in the first example, you eat and are still hungry. In the second example, you eat so as not to wake up hungry.

Anyway, I'm glad you mentioned some of the foods you eat: You eat eggs, toast w/butter and hot dogs. Based on that, there's a possibility that you may be suffering from "Leptin resistance". With leptin resistance, people feel hungry even after their stomach is full. The cause is overconsumption of saturated fat (from animal protein).

Assuming that's the problem, all you have to do is cut back on saturated fat and use a moderate amount of olive oil (or any other healthy monounsaturated or pollyunsaturated oil) in place of the saturated kind. A moderate amount is one tablespoon per day.

While you're at it, try to get more fiber in your diet. Lemon juice and olive oil makes a good dressing on salads and other non-starchy vegetables. You need a healthy diet to get your health back on track. It looks like animal protein, with its saturated fat content, is the culprit and animal protein does not contain any fiber. The same goes for soda and juice. And fiber is what helps to send a signal of fullness to the brain.

Try making all of the above changes and see if it helps. Let us know how it works out.