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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

Good to hear back from you. I've done so much research on this subject in the last three months I think I could write a book. I'm actually pursuing two avenues at this point to try to find some relief and improvement.

One is the chiropractor. He is one of only 850 in the country who are trained in and practice only on the neck. He deals with the upper spine and is NUCCA certified. You can read more about it online at various sites.

He says he can help me with the Vagus nerve and I'm going for it since my surgeon even said he thought several of my "strange" symptoms were being caused by the Vagus nerve. If I ever heard of this nerve before it's been a very long time ago.

The other avenue is trying to get out of my malnourished state. I have not eaten enough in the last 6 mos -3 of which were after surgery. I know I need the food but I can't taste it and have no appetite so I'm just making myself eat more. I had three fairly good meals yesterday and today and even though my tummy doesn't approve, I'm going to give it a go.

I'm fairly sure my wrap is still too tight but the chiropractor wants me to hold off on having it dilated again until we see how things go. He has patients from all over this part of the country and seems like a really nice and caring person.

I've slept sitting up a whole lot in the last year and not even that helps now. Everything backs up and there is some kind of pressure that I feel in my esophagus whether it's coming from there or not. The taste in my mouth and throat is from the water brash. I've read tons of studies some of which go back to the British Medical Journal called the Lancet as far back as 1824. I'm just going to tough it out and use a lot of mouth wash. lol I even brush with mouth wash now because toothpaste just doesn't do well enough.

I have a friend who swears by the Miralax. Her GI makes her take it. I've been a little scared to try fiber since it went south on me several years ago and actually made me have the Big D instead of regulating me. I'll think about it.

I have a birthday coming up and also would love to feel better for the holidays. It would be a nice change since it's been about 3 years since I really felt well enough to enjoy that special time with my family.

Maybe we can try to stay connected and see how things go with both of us and share a bit here and there as we see improvements. I'm for it if you are. Just let me know.

So very nice to hear back from you.