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Re: TTC & Obese

Thank you, Sanandreas, I really appreciate it.
What hurts more, is that I tell him I've lost 5lbs since i've been in Weight Watchers, only month but 5 lbs is something. And he just laughs at me and goes "yeah and thats nothing" and didn't stop laughin, mean while he had a big popped out belly. Seriously, althought I am perfectly healthy, other then being obese I understand I have to lose weight. I went to this doctor for him to put me on a treatment in order to concieve, not for him to tell me over and over again the ONLY way I could lose weight is having this surgery. If I want surgery ill talk to my regular doctor, not a fertility specialist. I was expecting him to greet me professionally, you know ask me my name, my medical history are whatever. I went in with my mom, and he thought my mom was the patient until I told him I was the patient as soon as I told him, he was like laughing hard saying oh no you are obese continues laughing none stop. That was his greeting. He didnt ask me my name, just my age, he didnt introduce himself, he claims that my GYN, isn't a MD, and never heard of him. Didn't bother asking me from what clinic I was referred to him, he just assumed it was the one he said. You know been to alot if doctors in my 23 yrs of life, in different areas of NY, and a different country,and all these doctors i've consulted with always introduced them selves politely, and asked me about me,they set there and listen to why I was visiting them, then after I talked and explained whatever reason, they examined me, asked the normal questions any pain or whatever, explained to me what they were going to do and why, and if I was ok with it. And they were serious had serious face expression and tone of voice, there were times they smiled just a bit, but not laughing out loud, as if watching a comedy. Shouldn't I report this dude?