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Re: Mental Health Question....But I have a heart condition,not mental issues

This is not uncommon. When you or your representative submitted the initial application, they ask you to list all your medical conditions that might affect your ability to work. For example, when Allsup was interviewing me over the phone, I listed the main impairments (Panic Disorder, GAD,OCD, Depression) which prevented me from working and also some minor things like back pain and GERD which really did not impact my ability to work. SS sent me for both a mental and physical health CE and to a local hospital to have x-rays taken of my back. I could not understand the need for a physical health CE when my primary impairments were psychological.

I talk to a friend of mine in another forum who was approved for panic disorder. He told me he did not mention on his initial application that he had some minor back problems because he wanted SS to focus on his primary impairments which were the panic attacks and agoraphobia. SS only sent him for a mental health CE. Allsup told me that you should list everything whether it is disabling or not. I personally think they should focus only on the stuff that disables you from working. Even healthly, non-disabled people have minor, chronic health problems that do not preclude them from working.

Don't read too much into the CE's that SS sends you to or the mental health questions. The most important thing is to comply with any requests they make and appeal any denials until approval. Do you have an attorney or non attorney rep? You sound like you may be trying to go it alone. This is a very bad idea in IMO. If they deny you at level 2, I would seriously think about hiring a lawyer or advocate to help me. You have the best chance at approval at level 3. If you are denied at this level, the approval odds go way down again when you appeal after an adverse ALJ outcome so you want to make sure your disability claim is presented in the best light possible.

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