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Has anyone tried Mirror Therapy for RSD?

I have RSD on the entire left side of my body. Right now the pain is bearable but is creeping back. I have been doing traditional therapy on and off for the past 4 years. Recently, a recent PT grad mentioned to me "Mirror Therapy" he tells me that since it is only on one side of my body that the brain might be able to distract the pain center and help more than a traditional PT program. When I asked for details he only had the information that he knew from the "theroretical" stand point and knew nothing about it in practice. I have found some info on the web, but nothing that (1) recommends ways to do it on your own, (2) tells where to find a therapist whom practices this protocol, and (3) gives any details about results.
In theory it sounds like it might be beneficial. I spoke with my PM doc about it and he is not opposed to me trying it. He is even willing to let me try to do it on my own if we can get some more info on it. He has his staff working on it and I am working on it, but thought maybe someone out there would have some information or experience that could help me.

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