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Re: In a slump

I was tested a year ago for my thyroid. Everything came back normal. I've talked to my boyfriend about feeling depressed but he doesn't understand because he is overly confident and doesn't dwell on things. He doesn't get why i can't bounce back as quick as he does. The only loss I've had in the past year was my 47 year old aunt to breast cancer. I haven't been able to cope with why she was not going for yearly check ups or taking care of herself when she has 4 teen daughters that need her. I often wish it was me since I have no dependents. I know it's sick to think like that but the thought crosses my mind often. She was my favorite aunt and I looked forward to seeing her and now family parties are just not the same. (I also hate change) I have tried counseling but stopped going because she was only a few years older than me and I didn't feel like we were getting anywhere. I feel like I need to be medicated but I wish I could just break out of it on my own and not be pumping chemicals into my body. How do you know if there truly is a natural chemical imbalance?