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Had an ESI yesterday

I posted a while ago about having spinal stenosis with a canal diameter of 5 mm at C5-C6. I have called all the neurosurgeons and ortho surgeons here and because I am self pay they either will only take my case if they review it or not at all. I had one place tell me they were taking new back patients but received a call from the office manager a few days later saying they weren't. When I raised a stink over being told something different they lied to me and said the doctor had reviewed my CD and said there was nothing he could do. I know it was a lie because the CD was sent back to me before the day they said he read it. So the only way I'm going to get any help with that is if I wind up in some accident and at the ER in a serious situation.

I DO have a pain doctor(he's the one that said I will probably need surgery after he read my MRI report and saw my MRI CD). I FINALLY had my first epidural in the cervical area and I'm surprised at how non-painful it was. I took 4 ativans an hour beforehand and had IV sedation but I was still awake during the procedure. I remember someone asking how I was doing, someone saying I was doing good a while later and someone else saying I was going to feel pressure which I did(it hurt a little but nothing to get upset about).

Today I went for a short walk which I haven't been able to do since July when the problem started. I didn't have any pain when I got home. Last night I had a little pain in my neck while sleeping in the bed and my collar bone hurts now. But I have to add that the pain was leveling off before the injection so I'm not sure if it really is helping. This happened once before-the pain got better and I had 3 lovely nights being pain free and then WHAM!

I just posted this so others will know having an ESI is not that big of a deal. The procedure at least. I haven't had any side effects. If the person who is giving it knows what he is doing you should have a practically pain free experience. I'm glad I have the best one in our city-he's the "go to man" for others. Now if I can only find some surgeon who is as willing to take poor patients that would be great.

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