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Separated Shoulder Lingering Problems

Hello, I recently separated my shoulder (type 2) on Labor Day. (Sept. 05, 2011)

I've been dealing with these issues - pain, limited motion, limited range, unable to hold weight.

I have no issurance, so I have done most of my research online and self medicated.

I put my arm in a sling for about 3 weeks (unfortunetly off and on). My shoulder would feel better but stupid me would use my shoulder to soon and re-injure it and set myself back to day 1 or worse.

Of late I have been rather responsible and not moved my shoulder, it is currently feeling much better. I am still having tightness where the injury took place and it is almost pain free. What I am asking is what is the next step in my healing process? Rehab? Should I keep it in a sling even though there is no pain for a few weeks longer? If rehab is the next step, does anyone have any exercises or range of motions I should be doing to get this issue straighten out?

Thank you for taking the time to read, any response will be greatly appreciated. I am an avid gym rat and the two months without have felt like 2 years.


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