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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

I hope that this note finds you in good spirits today.

It is good to hear about your chiropractor. I hope that he is able to give you some relief. I have done some reading about the vagus nerve and gastroparesis since your last message. Many of those symptoms sound quite familiar. I have slow motility and stomach emptying, but the doctor says nothing so dramatic that it should cause so much discomfort.

I understand loosing the joy of eating. I have weeks that are terrible, but on the brighter side, it goes in cycles of good and bad. The GI doctor explained that this is part of the nerve damage cycle. I hope that you are eating a bit better in the last few days and that the discomfort is manageable.

The first year after surgery I had to eat small, non-starchy meals. As time went on I was able to increase the size of my meals, but still must be mindful because I fill up quite fast and quickly can feel sick. I still avoid bready foods and absolutely do not drink anything carbonated. I seem to eat better these days, meaning fairly regular meals, but often still suffer from the chest pain, pressure, and bloat.

I wish you better health for your birthday, and the quickly approaching holidays. Thanksgiving certainly isn't as enjoyable when you cannot have your favorite foods, or feel miserable after eating them. Or when you are wiped out and not feeling well from lack of nourishment.

Be well.

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