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Unhappy Please help im scared of open spaces and outside.

Everyday i have this spaced out, dizzy, off balance feeling. Some times my head is just so heavy and i feel like i could pass out even if i'm having a good day and not worrying about anything what so ever.In the house, Im somewhat fine then as soon as I get out to malls or movies or big places i cant handle it it feels like im getting sucked into place my legs go weak its so crazy and im so tired of it. anywhere where I feel like I have nothing to grab onto it drives me nuts i cant go anywhere big. please someone who knows what it is ... is there anyone out there who treated this????? im so sick and tired of everybody being all your not alone i have this too.. well how about i had this too but i got rid of it by: ... i swear as soon as i find out the cause of this feeling im going to post on every post and tell everybody that i over came it and its all good and to go and do what ever it is if there is anything. :dizz y::di zzy: oh and when i go to bed it feels like im on a boat but thats not my biggesst concern

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