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Re: Colonoscopy biopsies?

He didn't say anything weird.
According to my mom, the doctor said everything looked normal but he took biopsies anyway.
I was sedated because I got an endo at the same time, and a bravo inserted, but he didn't say anything about the endo either other than I have acid erosion, which is not a surprise because I have acid reflux.
He may have taken the biopsies from there now that I think about it.
They never said anything about polyps, as far as I know.
So I have no idea what to expect.
My regular doctor just freaked me out by saying that because he doesn't think they would take biopsies unless they see something and my mom said they told her everything looked normal.
Then again, they didn't tell her I woke up during my endo either, so maybe they did see something?
I guess I will find out Friday.
[I had to wait from the 10th until November 4th to even get into my doctor. And it is making me freak out and think the worst as well, because they called us after they made a scheduling error and said I needed to come in for my results.]