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Re: Please help im scared of open spaces and outsside.

Aw sweetie! I really feel for you. I can understand why you'd find a statistic like that off-putting. You don't say you feel suicidal or massively depressed, just very anxious and worried about yourself. Remember, if you were to try zoloft or a type of medication the doctor will generally ask you to come in and will keep a good eye on you when you first start out. I think it's definitely worth considering if it's mainly anxiety/panic attacks you're suffering from.

I also have another idea. I live in the UK and I was prescribed Propranolol for my anxiety/panic attacks. Propranolol is a beta blocker, and it lowers your heart rate, stops you from shaking/sweating and seems to prevent panic attacks. You can take it as needed such as, before something you know is stressful, or take it a few times a day.

It worked amazing for me, and I've always recommended it. It's not addictive, or harmful. The doctor will check your blood pressure before prescribing you it to make sure it isn't low or anything. If you're interested you can always google around about it and bring it up with your GP as an option.

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