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Re: my review, if it helps others

Originally Posted by BlueSkies14 View Post
@ kittyluvr400>>>what is your age if you don't mind me asking?
Turned 50 this year, so I was 49 when applying........maybe 48? Too confusing at the moment.

And yes, I suffer from severe arthritis of the spine....vertabrea (sp?) has bone spurs that grew and have totally pinched my spinal cord. Five cervical and five lumbar. 3 neurosurgeons agreed to no surgery (too evasive) and physical therapy could only make the pain worse. Basically, figure out a way to find comfort on my own. I go back and forth on pain killers. By the time I reach like 80 mg of percs a day (tolerance) I find I am in more pain due to withdrawals thru the day, so I detox myself and get off them for a while. Last week was a horror detox, but I am now feeling less pain. But if I do anything (like....walk, sit, stand...anything) I am in pain, so I do about 3000 mg or more of ibuprofin a day to take the edge off. Also wrapped up in heated throw blanket and resting my back on a heated pad helps alot. Naturally all of this cannot be done on the job, so my case was approved. I hate nights, as getting comfy is rough...and night has approached at this time, so I am going to stay up late, play puter games til I feel tired and then take 2 lunesta and hope for some sleep. Luckily, once I fall asleep, the rest of the night is good. Lunesta is more for getting you to STAY ASLEEP, so it works ok most times.

I am now seeing a neurologist, as my vitamin D level was a whopping 3. Yes, a THREE. (so we are working on that, at 50,000 mg a week right now) She confirmed the fibro and is going to do a nerve test upper and lower in Dec. In the last few months I bumped a thigh here and there and now the nerves are dead in those spots. Weird. So I am losing feeling now....feels like novacaine. I see myself on a hoveround in 10 yrs. Not funny, but I do chuckle about it.

Once I filled out the long review form and went to see an IME doc again, I was told by mail in two weeks that I was approved til late 2014 (can't remember, but late in the year. It is obvious this is a forever thing that can only get worse...never better. I imagine by 2014, I will be 54, it may be my last review. I mean really....they gotta gimme a break by then and just leave me alone. Suck it up and admit I will never get better.

I am bored....but thankful I do not have to suffer as I did on the job. I was 21yrs as a deli mgr in a supermarket and the last 2 yrs were horrific. All I did was cry and limp on both legs. (sciatic) I got an 'on the record' approval from the judge and never had to go to a hearing. He felt after 21 yrs and a high pay rate, there was logical reason why I was applying. Plus it was my only area of expertise, and nobody would hire me in a different job description, especially at my pay rate, my age, lack of experience elsewhere, not to mention being on heavy doses of narcotics.

I feel I got I know others just can't get approved. An excellent doctor report.....from several doctors.....that is the ticket to approval. My pcp wrote a 3 page letter making me look like I was on my death bed, and all other docs basically considered my pain too severe.

Hope I didn't miss anything.
I'll be happy to answer questions, as like I said........I am bored!

Take care all.