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Re: my review, if it helps others

Originally Posted by kittyluvr400 View Post
BTW, I did get a short form review to fill out first. Then the long 16 pager followed shortly after with my appt for the IME doc. I said I was approved in May 2010, but I made a mistake on that, as I was approved in March 2010...then the review forms started coming in by August already. I am figuring (?) maybe since I got the 'on the record' approval, having never been seen at a hearing, maybe that is why they came after me so quickly. The country is broke and it is going to be harder to get approved and harder to keep your approval when reviews are least that is what I read/heard somewhere. Due to lack of work, people are applying left and right...figure it is worth a shot, while they are out of work. So there may be a little more difficulty through the process than there was a few yrs ago. JMOSorry for that downer of an opinion. Scary, but true.

Just make sure you still keep seeing your doc regularly and whatever you do....this will sound crazy to some.....but try to get narcotics. Nobody will hire you if a drug test shows narcotic use. Drugs help your case. Even if you don't take them....see if your doc will give them to you and let the doc think you are taking them. I go on and off them regularly, due to their causing your pain to worsen over time.
Hi Kittyluvr- Thanks for all the information. I do agree it is important to see your doctor on a regular bases. This is not problem for most people. I have gotten worse since my original approval. It took me 6 years od denials, 3 AJL judges to finally win. I am on pain killers, so there is no way I could be hired for a job.

I agree, I think they are cracking down hard because of the econmy. The good news is this time the shoe is on the other foot, they have to really prove that we are no longer disabled. As long as you are the same no change for the better, you will be re-approved. Still a worry though, SS is in full control. Thanks,