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Could I be diabetic?

Hi. First, I apologize for what will likely be a lengthy post, but I am not known for brevity.

I am a 45-year-old woman who has always been of normal body weight (sometimes even on the thin side). My current weight is 140 pounds at 5'7". My grandfather is diabetic, but no one ever bothered telling him what type. My mother was recently diagnosed, and they have presumed type 2 because she is obese, but again, no one has bothered to check if that is the case.

I have always tended to "hypoglycemic" type epidsodes, needing to eat every few hours or else I become shaky, get a headache, nausea, etc. At times, I have been told my behavior becomes mildly erratic if I don't have food. I also seem to have trouble handling alcoholic beverages in that I get very drunk on just one or two drinks. Most recently, I was diagnosed with auto-immune thyroid disease and take 25 mcg of cytomel daily. I also have migraine headaches, and take topamax 125 mg daily in split doses. I take maxalt for the breakthrough migraines.

For quite a while I have been thirstier than the average person. My family comments about how much water I drink all the time. I went to my primary care doctor about this and she suggested I stop taking my allergy medications to see if the constant thirst improved. It did improve, but I am still quite thirsty, but only in the evenings now. I notice that some evenings I get intense, INTENSE hunger cravings. I could have literally just eaten 30 minutes previously but it is like I have not eaten in hours. When I get these hunger pains I also get a headache. It seems like when I take Maxalt for my migraines, this increases. I also have a tendency to get very, very sleepy after meals, and doze off a lot just sitting in my chair. I do this several times a day.

Anyway, I brought up the possibility of diabetes to my PCP a few months ago due to my thirst, headaches, fatigue, family history, tendency to get yeast infections, tingling in my hands and feet, and just general feeling like crap, but she said my fasting glucose was "normal."

So I bought myself a blood glucose monitor and have spent the last few days doing glucose curves. Some of these numbers concern me, but what is weird is how inconsistent they are. Anyway, I am wondering what you all think.

Day 1:
Fasting BG = 115
Breakfast was rice chex cereal with almond milk (very carby)
30 minute BG = 171
1 hour BG = 150
2 hour BG = 142
3 hour BG = 86 (at this point I was VERY shaky, even though it is technically a perfect BG)

Lunch was 1 morning star veggie grillers prime and egg salad with no bread
30 minute BG = 98
1 hour BG = 90

Pre-dinner BG = 122
Dinner was 3 slices of veggie pizza with BBQ sauce
1 hour BG = 174 (I had a BAD headache)
2 hour BG = 97

Day 2
Fasting BG = 112
I only took BG after dinner, which was an egg salad sandwich on 2 slices of sourdough bread and I had 2 small cookies for dessert.
90 minutes post dinner BG = 162
2.5 hours post BG = 159
3 hours post BG = 117 (feeling "hypoglycemic" so I ate some egg salad and had a fruit smoothie made of almond milk, frozen strawberries, peaches, and vanilla protein powder)
At 12:25 am before bed, my BG was 104 and I felt just fine.

This morning, I decided to limit carbs and try again.
Fasting BG: 101
Breakfast was 2 poached eggs and coffee at 7:30 am
2 hour BG = 115
I felt very hungry so had a veggie patty and 1 small cookie. 30 minutes later my BG was 113, so the cookie does not seem to have had an effect. At 1 hour post-cookie, I was at 125.

By lunch time I was VERY hungry, but not shaky. BG was 107.I had grilled swiss cheese on sourdough.
30 minute BG = 130
1 hour BG = 104 (very severe headache, hunger)

I had a tossed green salad (spinach, mixed greens, cucumber, carrots) with balsamic vinegar dressing and a tablespoon of walnuts, then some celery with peanut butter. I did not re-check until dinner time, but felt pretty good all afternoon.

Pre-dinner BG = 97
I decided to have a bowl of cereal (Reeses Puffs) because I wanted to see what would happen.
30 min post BG = 145 and I felt VERY sleepy, could barely hold my head up.
1 hour post BG = 131 and I had a BAD headache and felt extreme hunger. I had a veggie burger (no bun).
I felt VERY sleepy 45 minutes post, so I checked BG and it was down to 104.

So I am confused. The BG values on the first 2 days looked pretty high to me, but today they actually looked almost normal. So I don't know what to think or if I should say anything to my doctor. Sorry for the novel length, I just wanted to be as specific as possible. What do you think?

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