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Re: my review, if it helps others

I am just relieved I made it thru the process with minimal aggravation. Turned down during application, no appeals needed in NY, and an 'on the record' approval all within 8 months.

And for those who wonder.....Yes, I definitely hired a lawyer who specializes in SSDI. He probably knew the judge and knew to put in for the 'on the record', knowing that judge will likely give it to me.

Folks.....get a lawyer. They may get 25% of your 'winnings' in the end, but at least you got to the end. Going years on your own is just misery for you...give the lawyer his share and you have a better chance at getting approved BEFORE you lose your house and destroy your credit. Most lawyers who do specifically SSDI for a living know all the judges, and once they know who is asigned to your case (at the hearing levels), they know just how to handle THAT JUDGE. Heck, they may even play golf together on the weekends. ;-)

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