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Re: completely discouraged

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Im trying to hold onto hope that soon I will find what's wrong and can be on the road to recovery. Its actually a long story and I should've given all the details from the beginning. November 9th of this year will be one year since I was involved in a very bad car accident. A lady t-boned be on the driverside door after running a red light doing about 60 mph. My car was totaled but was fortunate in that I only walked away with a concussion and mild neck strain. I did have to undergo physical therapy for a few months which seemed to help dizziness and headaches that were occcuring directly after the accident. Back in july around the 4th I was sick with bronchitis. My dr had me on an antibiotic and prednisone for a couple weeks and it did not seem to clear up all the way. So I went back in august and was given a second round of each only to again have the same result. I went back to the dr again in late septemeber and he did a third round of each. By this point im starting to wonder if it is too much prednisone in my system and now ill become immune to these antibiotics and they'll never work again. :/ now ever since july I've had on and off bouts of dizziness. But I just attributed it to a cold and such. But ever since mid septemember I have been continually dizzy on a daily basis and can not get any relief no how! I am so worried that its something that can't be treated or something that if left untreated will cause me great harm. I've never been so scared in my life!