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skin cancer untreated

I have had some places on my face for awhile, my family dr told me not to worry but I think I should of worried. I have one place above my eyebrow that is a crusty place it comes and goes it has gotten bigger over the years it is oval shape now. I am afraid since the first time I noticed it was 10 yrs ago and I now see that it is bigger and sometimes bleeds. I'm afraid that it has spread inside my body. I have two places on my nose that look like scars just white patches I am fair skin so you really can't see it unless you look really hard I just notice it with no makeup on it isn't crusty or bleed any. So my question is how many of you have had a skin cancer place for awhile without getting any treatment for it? Do you think I have to worry about it spreading to my bloodstream or other organs. I would have gotten it taken care of if I really thought it was skin cancer. I am going to go to the dr as soon as I get up some money, I have no insurance so I have to wait a few weeks. Thank you for listening to my worries!

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