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Re: Seems to be a fine line between OCD and anxiety

I have been diagnosed with OCD and I struggle with the same things you listed. I don't wash my hands all the time or do anything like that. Part of OCD is those obsessions, you just can't turn your brain off, you go over something over and over again in your mind. My psychologist is trying to teach me mindfulness exercises. For example, when I catch myself getting really negative in my head I can stop and start focusing on what is around me, focus on an object, imagine what it feels like, how heavy it would be, basically meditate on things in the immediate surroundings. What does the air smell like? Use all your senses. This can turn your brain to thinking about something else. I did this once at the doctor's office while I was waiting and getting really negative and I think I was anxious about the appointment, I started mediating on the painting on one of the walls and the different medical equipment in the room. This works. OCD is an expression of anxiety disorder.