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Re: skin cancer untreated

Don't bother going to your doctor. He doesn't think it's a problem and even if he did, he wouldn't do anything about it....he'd send you to a dermatologist.

So skip the doc and make an appointment with a dermatologist. You don't need a referral...just call and make an appointment and tell them why you need to be seen. They may even have special rates for those without insurance or maybe a lower rate if they have a PA(physician's assistant) and you see only the PA. Most hospitals have clinics where you pay what you can afford. Medical schools have them too so if you have a university with a medical school, call and see if they have a dermatology clinic you can use.

They can tell immediately if it needs to be removed and then do it that day. Primary docs(GP's) won't touch them. GP's don't know what can be frozen off or what has to be cut off(or how deep) and how to do it without leaving a scar.

I just waited 8 months just to see the PA at the derm and found out I had 3 different problems on my face and a benign tumor on my arm. One needed antibiotics, one needed no treatment and the pre-cancerous lesion she froze off my forehead that day. Don't have to go back for 2 years. Hubby goes to the same place and they removed and biopsied a mole the first visit. Turned out to be early melanoma and they removed more of it and now he goes back yearly for mole checks. Worth the money and the wait to see one.

Don't ask your GP to remove anything.....see the dermatologist and have it diagnosed properly, treated right and done immediately. And save your bucks for it......they aren't cheap but it can save your life.