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Unhappy Still needs pain relief from recent surgery

I thought I'd start a new thread because this is a slightly different issue from what I had previously.

About three weeks ago (Oct. 17th) I had emergency surgery for what they thought was a perforated colon. It was not, thank God. They repaired an incarcerated hernia, removed adhesions, removed my appendix and fixed something else.

The incision was not nearly as long as the one from two years ago when I had the strangulated hernia and bowel obstruction.

This past Wednesday my staples and JP drain were removed, and I finally got to the point where the Vicodin was adequate for my pain. He gave me another prescription just in case, which I had filled. It's nearly gone. I've got two pills left.

So, I skipped my morning dose and took two during mid-afternoon today. Was I in back was bothering me and my stomach to some degree, but ever since the operation alot of the pain has been in my back. I think it's because of my stomach still being swollen from the operation. It's getting smaller, but it's still having a negative impact on my back, I think.

Now that I've taken some Vicodin (2) I feel better. I have just two left. I want to skip a dose tomorrow morning so I can drive to church. But what do I do for pain management?

I was released from the hospital on October 25th. Here I am, 10 days later, and the surgery was 8 days prior to my release. Shouldn't I be reaching the point where I don't need Vicodin any longer?

Can anyone tell me if it's normal to need prescription pain meds for at least 3 weeks or so after surgery? Could it be that I'm getting addicted to this stuff and by trying to get off of it, the pain is getting worse?

I don't know what to do. I felt better once the Vicodin kicked in, but it's harder to control pain after it has started. I'm going to see my general practioner on Monday for a checkup that was scheduled long before I got sick. I could ask her for a pain prescription, but knowing her, I doubt she will write it for me. She'll most likely tell me to ask the surgeon for it. I won't get to see him for one last checkup until this coming Wednesday.

I would appreciate anyone's suggestions as to what to do. I don't want to get addicted to this stuff, but I find that I still need prescription pain meds. I've got Tylenol here, but that just won't cut it. It never has, even for a headache. The only reason I have it on hand is in case I come down with a fever.


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