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Any Ideas..

Hi Im a 35 year old female, never smoked, not overeweight and healthy as far as I know. I have had pvc's and pac's since I was 18 and have had several test ran in the past. For the past 9 years or so I have been getting pain in my left arm that feels as if its moving from spot to spot/shooting type pain. I have felt the same pain in my ankle, neck, jaw, head, just about anywhere other than my chest or back. It comes and goes. It will appear one day and last off and on for a few days then disappear for month..2 months..I dont get the pains with the skip beats..they seem to come on but not usually together. I do exercise and dont have any type of pain when doing so. I seem to get the pains at rest. Does this sound like Angina? Can you have a heart condition for this many years without ever being treated? I use to run to the er when I would have these pains or the skip/extra beats but after Ekg's & blood work I would be sent home. So as I got older I stopped going to hospital and jus try to carry on as normal. I have also done the treadmill test and 24 hour hol mont test and sono on my heart.. 10 years ago or so. Im just so sick of worrying about these things. Like I said I can be fine for a month and they appear out of nowhere. The skip beats I got more so when I was younger and only have a few here & there now. Any ideas would be Great!

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