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Re: "PPH" Hemorrhoidectomy - My experience/Recovery

I had the PPH procedure in 2011.
I wish I had the procedure a long time ago...

I had internal and external hems for the past 5 years.
I was always careful to clean the area with wet baby wipes...but it was a pain in the pun intended!!!
As time went by, the hems got worse.
At first, they only came out when I beared down to have a BM.
Over time, they started to increase in size and protruded looked like cauliflower butt back there.
It wasn't really a problem until they started to hurt.
After that, there was always mild discomfort for about an hour after a BM.
Finally, I went to the Doc and he said they were too big for the rubber band litgation...and he suggested the PPH procedure.
I started reading these boards and got scared about all sorts of problems.

As I stated, this is something I should have done a long time ago!!!
The surgery went well, I felt great after the procedure but I had a slight problem uriniating.
It took about 3-4 hours ...but I finally was able to pee...
After that, I was able to leave the hospital and go home.
My Doc prescribed pain pills, muscle relaxers and antibiotics.
That night, I felt a lot of pressure and was on the toilet several times and had a small BM. I probably was pushing too much...but there was a lot of pressure!!
The next day was more of the same....pressure and now the pain started to increase...but was easily covered by the pain pills...just make sure you stay ahead of the pain...the pills take about 30 minutes to kick at the first feeling of discomfort, take the pain pill. The BMs feel like an explosion at first...toe curling and all that....but I think it was more nerves than anything else...after it passed, I realized it wasn't that bad. The feeling of moving your bowels is a little different after the procedure. It starts a little higher up...its hard to describe...its not worse...just different...and I am just starting to get used to it. I am still not uriniating 100% normal...but it is getting better as time goes by...I never thought I would be soo excited to have a steady stream of urine!!
Today is Sunday and I just had a regular BM with almost no pain...of course I am still taking the pain pills and muscle relaxers....but there is not as much pressure as the previous days.

FYI...I was able to walk around after the procedure....and have no problems moving around...I am on the pain pills and tend to drift off driving is not an option...but you are not confined to your bed or anything like that.
Everybody is different...but I have to say...I am very happy I had the procedure.
I feel like I traded an hour of daily discomfort for a few days of pain that is easily handled by the pain pills.

Don't be is worth doing it....