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Vestibular disorder or hypochondria?!

Hypochondria or possible vestibular disorder??!!
I'm a 39 male in Florida. I been feeling I'll since late Sept. With lightheadedness, shakes, difficulty focusing eyes, concentration problems, and short term memory problems at first when I noticed it mostly at work. I'm a cashier at a grocery store in the evenings. I have stage two hypertension which I am treated for also. I would get lightheaded to point of almost faint, flushing of my skin, and bouncy up and down feeling when I walk and I'm sitting. I have seen 2 GP in early Oct. And also a visit ER for a bad day of this at work which they diagnose as pneumonia but the Xray and Ct scan were unremarkable or negative. For about 4 weeks now I have developed tinnitus also in one ear and prescribed Meclizine 5mg for dizziness. I have been worried about what is happening to me during the whole course of feeling sick and googling to try to find what it could be wrong with me. I been put on Buspar 10mg a day for anxiety and it helps for awhile. My GP doesn't know what it could be and has no clue. I constantly worry about what is wrong with me and don't think of other things that do or normal activites. I sleep very difficult at night with 2-3 hours of and get jerked awake, trembling in the back of head and body, and tinnitus is worst when I wakeup but subsides after a few minutes. I try and find a reason or something to physical symptoms.

I'm going to counseling Monday to talk to someone. I may need a referral for ENT later this month to rule out anything. I've had blood tests, thyroid, syphillis, urine tests,xrays, CT scan of head. Only things was my WHite blood count was 16,000 In ER but is now 12,000. I don't know I sick or just all anxiety. Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated. Just don't want to go crazy with all this. My family and GF are at there wits end from all the reassuring a ask them and talk about health with them.

And help or comments is much appreciated.

Tom in Florida

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