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Re: Could I be diabetic?

Try looking up what blood sugar levels normal people have. It looks to me that yours are not normal, some are definitely in the diabetic range. You do eat a lot of carbs but still, a truly healthy normal person's blood sugars will not rise above a certain level and will always come down to below about 120mg within 2 hours no matter what they have eaten.

I would advise you to go to your doctor and get a proper test done. You need a fasting glucose test, a glucose tolerance test and an HbA1c done. If you are diabetic, don't worry. With good diet and reasonable exercise it can be well controlled. It is far better that you find out now and get those blood sugars under control. If you walk around for months and years without knowing, you will increase damage to your body from high blood glucose levels.

Try looking at 'Blood Sugar 101' - the website is excellent and the book very excellent too. There is masses of information there. Good luck, be sensible. I wish I had been, I found out recently that I am a diabetic and now I am dealing with it strong and hard. I am keeping my glucose levels well controlled but it is hard. It means a big change in diet and lifestyle but it can and is being done by a lot of people.