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Re: Mild scoliosis with severe constant pain

Originally Posted by Duck Dodgers View Post
Hi EdgarisCrooked,
I don't get on here very much. I haven't received much help from this site so have been looking elswere. Have you had any helpful reccomendations for your back/pain/etc? (Not just from this site, I mean from anywhere? Family, friend, doctor, online?)
It helps me a little when I use a pain relieving lotion (Bengay, BioFreeze..). It at leasts helps me be able to get to sleep and eases the pain for up to an hour.
I am sorry you have this to live with, but I am glad to hear I'm not alone.
The doctors I have gone to keep prescribing high doses of pain killers, but I want to find out what is going wrong to CAUSE the pain. I don't want the side effects of prolonged pain killer use. How 'bout you?

Guys, I was diagnosed with scoliosis when i was 14. Since I god diagnosed I went through special physical exercise program, tried yoga, swimming, different type of massage therapy, however my scoliosis was progressing. When I was 16 I found a really good massage therapist who helped me a lot, at that time the angle was around 44 degrees. I had massage everyday for a year, along with swimming and my angle reduced to around 25 degrees. I felt great and my headaches stopped, unfortunately I had to move to other city and stopped my therapy, after a while angle increased to 38 degrees. I do swimming regularly and it helps a lot, if I stop then have back pain and headaches almost everyday. Also a couple of years ago I learned about one men who helps with scoliosis. Unfortunately, the guy lives in Russia, but I have friends over there so was able to go there. The results were very impressive.

Personally, I'd recommend - do not give up, there much worth scenarios exist, when people have angles of 70 degrees and higher, and it's really awful and hard to live with such condition.

If you can, try scoliosis short therapy (Germany method), I've heard a lot of positive feedbacks about that therapy, could not do it myself only because of the length of the therapy.

You have much more chances to improve your condition while you are young, so do not waste your time.