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Re: How do I get the courage to leave my husband?

Originally Posted by sunshine123 View Post
I've been married for almost 30 years, but am thinking about leaving my husband. I feel more alone being married to him than I was when single. He ignores me a lot, sleeps in the other room, never cuddles with me or is interested in having sex. When I try to talk to him about his low libido, he says that his Testosterone level is low. But, he hasn't told the Dr. about his problem b/c he's selfish and stubborn. He knows there are RX drugs for him to try. I'm tired of feeling like a roommate. It's funny how my guy friends think I'm beautiful, but I guess He doesn't see me that way. i don't have any family to give me moral support or a place to stay til I cold get back on my feet. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you in advance.

I am going to be straight forward about this...Has he ever left you feeling guilty, stupid, more controlling? I can understand your loneliness (been in your shoes) Except mine went to Doctor and got Rx. Yet, he didn't use it for me. We were also sleeping in different rooms and when I began going anywhere with my friends he would follow me. I researched things he was doing and found out he was having an affair.

To answer your question.. where do you go?? To the nearest Domestic Violence Shelter..even if you don't feel as though you are being abused.
Get your head on straight while there... Let me know how things are going..