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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

How are you feeling? I agree, everyone does experience depression now and again, but this disorder makes it worse..... and combine it with the post op issues, it's rough.

It sounds like you had a lot going on right around your surgery. Did you notice a decline in your GI health when your stress level was higher? Or was it bad before selling your home and downsizing? Just curious because I have often wondered if my stress levels contributed to the GERD prior to surgery. My life was a bit crazy and then my health got worse and worse, leading up to the surgery. It had calmed down some by the time of surgery, but I never felt like I could regain my "normal" feeling.

My last GI doctor suggested an anti-depressant awhile ago, but I fought it at the time. I really felt that my symptoms were from GI issues and I felt like he was pushing me into a new med. Now that some time has passed and I have not seen much improvement, recently I have considered it more and more. I understand that they can take a few weeks to take effect, but please keep me updated, I am pretty much out of options right now. I quit taking Lyrica awhile back and allowed the doc to put me back on another nerve blocking medicine, but I have not felt any better, only more tired.

Hopefully the meds have encouraged your appetite and you are up to eating. And sleeping better. And hopefully better overall. How is the chiropractic work going?

Hang in there. I hope that your computer is up and running better. I looked for a way to contact you off the thread, but I came up empty handed. Hoping that if anything, maybe I would see the updates quicker.

Be well :-)

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I gave in today and realized I have to get back on an antidepressant. I stopped mine last spring just before we sold our new home and bought a smaller one and I had my surgery. It was a very hectic time followed by the surgery and the unpleasant recovery and I've just kept going downhill.

I think everyone has a little depression now and then but dealing with my GERD for so very long really wore on my body and my brain and I think they've both been paying for it the hard way. So, I called my doc and he agreed.

I have no idea if it will help any of the post-op problems but I bet I can tell you in a couple or three weeks. I just started today and if it does nothing but help me get my appetite back I'll be grateful.

My computer has had some problems and my ******** wall has been down and it's raining and cloudy here today and I didn't sleep again last night. I hope I can sleep tonight but being new on the AD I'm not sure how it will go. I'm going to continue with the med however because in spite of all my post-op complaints many of them fit the profile for depression as well.

I hope you're having a good week.