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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

Good to hear back from you. I replied promptly so I don't know why the post took so long to appear.

I will be one week on Lexapro tomorrow. Couldn't handle the Elavil. I'm doing a little better but it will take a couple of weeks to see much improvement. I did sleep a little better last night and am hoping to tonight as well.

I also tried Carafate (Sucralfate) again today for the first time in about 6 weeks and it seemed to help this time. I've had two doses and will take another in a little bit and one before bedtime. It had made me terribly sick before surgery and right afterward causing nausea, burning and bad diarrhea. I'm hopeful that if the Carafate can calm down my esophagus that maybe the cycle of hypersalivating might be broken.

I'm going in this week for blood work - the first I've had since surgery - to see if all is well. Hubby is concerned because I haven't eaten nearly enough in the last 4 months including the month before surgery.

I have no regrets starting the 5 mg of Lexapro at this point. I know people who should be on something and they're not and they're making themselves and their families miserable or at least not as happy as they could be. I keep trying to remember that if I didn't have enough thyroid I'd take medication. Same thing holds true for my brain or any other organ that gets messed up. I have to help myself all I can.

I hope we both find the help we need because I do believe it's out there. I'm feeling more positive on the AD and because the Carafate didn't hurt this time.

Maybe we can help one another.

Stay in touch and get better soon.

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