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Re: rsd/ left hand

Originally Posted by kittykitty1 View Post
i had surgery done in june for ganglion cyst / mass on left hand , had surgery done in june dr. cut radial nerve and would neverlisten to me , only thing he would say is keep it elevated as my fingers r black and very swollen , got tired of that and got diff dr. in same office he did surgery to try and save nerve so he cut on me again took blood vessel from diff part of hand to wrap nerve but that didn't work either so they tell me i don't have rsd but yet got all symtoms , now there talking about nerve blocks in throat but yet when getting them they say one side of face sags like stroke why???? and sometimes don't come back , what the duce!!!!! so been off work since june , not sure what to do and my left hand is my dominant one
Hello kitty,kitty,

Is your radial nerve cut through out or just part way cut. I ask because my Dr. severed my radial nerve at the wrist almost 5 years ago I had 2 surgeries to fix my radial nerve with no luck. Now I have CRPS II throughout the right side of my body foot, leg, upper back & chest, neck, arm, wrist, hand. My pain on a good day is a 7. Tried almost everything except SCS.

Sorry you had this happen to you and hope your pain is not to bad. Don't wait too long to get help or it can go bad very fast once it starts. No ice only heat. Most PM Dr.s do not know what to do so ask a lot of questions. If possible fine a teaching hospital with a Dr. the knows and understands CRPS Type 2. It my take visiting 5-8 different Dr.s before you fine the right one. Don't settle for just anyone because this Dr. could be the one you see every 30 days to manage your pain for the rest of your life.

Good Luck and hope for the best for you.

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