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Has IBS ever RUINED your life like it has mine? please read =(

I guess you could say it's not really a question but I'd like to hear how IBS affects your life as it does mine. It affects my life in all the ways I never wanted it to.

I'm big into musical theater and hoped to make a career of it one day. I was diagnosed with it when I was 12 years old and continued to live with it. I was an active member at several community theaters and trying to get my name out in the open. I've had IBS attacks during dance classes, voice classes, acting classes, piano lessons, etc. All my teachers understood completely and were very accepting that I would have to use the bathroom during class. I try my best not to get up in the middle of a lesson but as my career progressed, directors were not so understanding of it. Directors are the types of people where, "Either you're a stage person or you're not" and I've been told by at least 7 directors that because of my condition, I'm NOT stage material and it crushed me. Stress is what sets off my IBS symptoms the most and theater is EXTREMELY stressful, more than most people could ever understand unless you actively participate in theater. Because of my IBS attacks coming at the worst of times, I've had to give up my dreams and goals of musical theater. There should REALLY be a cure for this. This condition is becoming absolutely ridiculous. I know there's treatment but it doesn't always work for everyone. Musical theater was my entire world, it was my life. My family always said that IBS isn't the end of the world but they didn't understand is that it was the end of MY world. Stage is all I've ever known and the only thing I loved and because of this, I've had to give it up. I'm still devastated about it and I feel as though nobody understands. I've gone as far as wearing adult diapers to auditions (which I'm glad I did a few times) I can hide the abdominal pains really well but I'm not wearing an adult diaper, it's kind of difficult to hide that you have to use the bathroom. I've even worn diapers on stage during a performance just to be on the safe side. Surprisingly I've never had an IBS attack during a performance. I feel that because my world is coming to an end, I feel I have nothing else to live for. It feels as though my life is ruined because of this. I don't know how to do anything else except musical theater.

Is there anyone who can relate to this? Has IBS interfered with your life to the point where you feel like your own world is coming to an end while others live their life perfectly content? It's hard not to feel jealous or envious of others around me who deal with IBS but doesn't have it ruin their lives. I just wish there was SOMEONE out there who can really relate to my feelings. It's not just a small interference like having to run to the bathroom during class or a work meeting. In my case, it's so much worse. I'm performing in front of thousands of people. I can't just get up and walk off-stage. It would be unprofessional. "The show must go on" regardless of anything else. I've performed in shows after hearing a great friend passed away in a severe car accident, during the WORST menstrual cramps possible, while having strep throat, it SUCKS during those times but I've never had something actually prevent me from doing what I love the most. During rehearsals, my friends would have to literally drag me out of the theater around midnight because I didn't want to leave. I just feel like I'm alone in this, when it comes to the "ruining my life" part at least. I know others deal with it and believe me, I feel for you. It sucks. But has it ever ruined your life as it has mine?

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