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Re: Lamictal causing increased mania?

Hi. You know, I was thinking about this whole mess again today (Lamictal has basically acted as a an amnesiac for me) and I was up to 600 mgs at one point. Geez.

Anyhow, these episodes were definitely mixed (dysphoric mania). My doc put me on wellbutrin and I still have the Tegretol as my backup. Last month I insisted I give Tegretol a shot. It was the only MS that I hadn't been on yet and I wanted it because it is supposed to help with mixed episodes and anger and hostility. So, I'm just on those two for now. I've been battling MI for 17 years, so my body is no stranger to all the psych meds, but this Lamictal discovery has been such a letdown.

I have regained some pep/speed since I was discharged Thursday. I feel productive and only moderately flat, but I don't have that negative energy which turns into rage for me. only time will tell, I guess.

How are you doing??