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Re: Not cancer, but was a close one! Need some advice Please

What a busy month for you! I hope your surgery goes well on Friday and that you recover quickly.
As far as your situation goes, it sounds like you have found a very good surgeon who you are comfortable with - and that he may have uncovered the condition that is leading to so many ovarian cancers in your family. (I also have received the "this is a rare condition" determination from a doctor. Googling on rare conditions is frustrating as there is little info and you are left to try and figure things out on your own!)
I think you are smart to get this second surgery behind you so that you can heal. Maybe the most important thing you have learned is that you should continue to listen to your body and trust your instincts.
I am sure you are concerned over maintaining the health of the remaining ovary so you can have children. Can your OBGYN advise? I myself would be concerned that the second ovary would start to have issues. What would you need to watch for and how soon should you start thinking about children now that you are down to one ovary? Maybe the OBGYN can advise or refer you to someone who can help?
Good luck on Friday! I am recovering from different type of surgery and, though it went well, it is a long process getting back to "normal."

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