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Re: Bronchitius and Augumentin and nasuea

Originally Posted by mamasnug View Post
I have early COPD from smoking. I have yet another bout of bronchitus. The Augmentin I'm on really upsets my stomach. Anyone else have this issues and how do you get around this? I can not stop the meds, of obvious reasons. I can handle the nightly dose, taken before bed. But the one in the morning --- ugh. I tried taking it with food but it did not help. I have a 10-day supply but knowing me, I will wind up on this for nearly a month, it takes that long for me to kick it now. A bad drug for the tummy and intestines.
try taking probiotics with the med. Don't drink coffee in the morning, with breakfast, and wait a few minutes after breakfast, before taking the med. Peggy