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Re: I seem OK till it comes to Adult/Complex Conversations

Hey guys.

Currently I'm getting help in VOcational rehab and therapy and Kinda getting registered for Disability. BUt i'm worried because my parents are ranch type macho mentality that say just suck it up and fix myself and they would say i'm a sissy for signing up because They say i dont have anything.

So if they find out i signed up, they will get mad. And i live with them so....
what should i do? I"m scared.

It's not like i'm just looking to get disability and not do anything. No, I'm actualy getting help to find work. But my parents would think that the route i'm taking(disability, and searching in Vocational Rehab as opposed to the normal...craiglist, temp agencies, direct cold call etc, Customer service jobs etc)
that i'm being a sissy and stupid.. that i dont have nothing.

And that's EVEN though they've seen me limp, and they've seen me how i can't talk like an adult.