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Question Can this be a Yeast Infection?

Hi, recently I have been researching and found some stuff on yeast infections. My discharge matches the description of a Y.I (a thick, clumpy, white discharge that looks a little like cottage cheese) and the symptoms are similar. After my period I have lots of itching and burning which makes my vagina feel very sore. After washing with some soap and warm water the itching stops temporarily then starts again after an hour or so. I used to think it was the kind of pads I was using which caused this, I thought I just got a itching rash from it but I'm beginning to think its not that at all.

In addition, when I do have sex there is this excessive white residue that is left on the condom and my discharge has a potent odor remaining .

The white discharge didn't seem unusual to me because its been there since puberty began, I am now 21. I've never been to a gynecologist, never had a pap smear done never had any check ups concerning this and quite frankly I'm nervous to get checked. Any advice?

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