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Re: not sure if it's anger or stress. what do you think?

I'm not sure if there's a difference. I know that's an ambiguous statement, and I could elaborate, but I fear I'd sit in front of this computer till, as they say, "kingdom come" (I'm a writer--among other things).

I've been dealing with lots--and lots--of anger lately as well, mostly with three "categories" of people: 1) individuals in my life (family, friends, etc.), 2) strangers on the street that walk by me without looking at me (I live in New York City), and 3) former members of a group I used to belong to whose remonstrations still "fill my head" at times--not auditory hallucinations, just some schmuckos whom I can't get "the hell out of my head," as they say.

Thank you! Please feel free to reply!

Matt Bohart