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Tremor in muscles when tensed, everywhere seems to be affected, please help

Hi to anyone with some input,

For the past 4 months I have noticed shaking and tremors in almost every muscle group in my body after I tenses them up for more then 5seconds. I know this is not due to fatigue as Iím a very fit individual who practices Thai boxing 3-4 days a week and can train very hard without any issues. Iím really not sure whatís going on. I also feel twitches when Iím relaxed from time to time. Really need some advice on what this can be. The shakes are really getting me down, I donít even have to tense or flex hard before my muscles will begin to tremor. If I scrunch up my faces or try to wink after 5 seconds even my face muscles start to tremor.
I have been taking magnesium tablets etc and still nothing has helped. Could it be anxiety? Could anxiety have triggered this and can anxiety related tremors last for 4month consistently"

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