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Re: Did I get both SSDI and SSI?

Originally Posted by mscat40 View Post
Your a great example to others who are going through the process and want to give up . I am very glad you were awarded benefits and sad that it took you a long time. I think most people would of stopped fighting for it after a few years. I think I would have quit. the hardest part of all this is the waiting and not knowing what to expect . So many people start losing their homes, and cannot continue their claims .
Thanks mscat, Yeah I would have layed down and quit easily, but had 3 young teens to support. It was tough, pure hell. I lived off my retirement, savings, lost our home, we had to move into a 2 bedroom apartment, 3 teenagers, thats no fun.
I always had a career, made good money, I do not think we would have made it if it were not for my retirment and savings.
I feel sorry for the people who were not as fortunate to have some kind of funds to fall back on.
We were not living high on the hog, I had to be tight and make it last. When we lost our house, thats when my money ran out. We couch surfed with friends for a few month till I finally got enough for an apartment. Then I finally won my case and recieved benefits.
I really believe SSDI puts you through all this to siff out the real sick from those who are to lazy to work. Sorry sounds crude, but there are people out there like this.

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