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Re: Worried and waiting for x ray results

In my experience, they call you asap when they find something. If you really want to know, get a low-dose sprial CT scan. I am 42 and I just quit smoking. I have had similar problems to you, besides others. I had a chest xray that showed damage from the smoking, I made my doctor do a full Chest CTscan. I get the results Monday or Tuesday I think. I did this because my husband was just diagnosed with lung cancer on Monday and we have a 6-year-old. I decided to face it all at once, his issues and mind, be brave and not live in fear. Typically, if it's serious, they will tell you right away, but that depends on the office you go to. If you're in a busy clinic, walk in and ask for the report. If there's something on it you do not like, go for the CT scan. Fear is the worst thing to have with this, as I am learning, because the longer you put off knowing something like this for sure, the worse it is for you. If there's anything and you find it fast, you have a fighting chance. Lose the fear. I am telling you this from experience. I have tried not to think about this all day as far as my own results. I did an xray last week and made the doc read it right there. Then, I had a CT of the heart, it catches 75 percent of the lungs and nothing was noted. To be sure, I had the full chest xray run. I will not keep going to these things because the radiation is bad for you, but I will do it at least once every two years if all checks out. And I smoked for 23 years. I am 42. My husband is 56. He has a 4.9 cm mass and we are going to battle on it next week. Had he gone to the doc six months ago, that battle would have been way easier!