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Re: Lower abdominal pain

Hi Endometriosis can cause period pain and uterine pain also sometimes the bowels may cause lower abdominal pain or scar tissue. If it is endometriosis, candida may have been a cause which may have occurred after an antibiotic with some people. A gynecologist might be able to do a better evaluation of the cause. A good healthy lifestyle using both raw and cooked natural vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains may be useful with vegetable juices used between periods. Also I would avoid additives in the food. A nice brisk walk outside in sunshine and fresh air after each meal for 20 minutes is said to be good. Proper amounts of good water should be used, about 6.25 cups of water for every 100 pounds of body weight is said to be good. A good schedule with regular sleep (8 hours is said to be best )and meal times is said to be important. If one goes to bed on time every night it tends to make the cycle more regular instead of irregular. Of course all alcohol, tobacco products, drugs and other substances that don't really belong in the body aught to be avoided. Peace. :smile:

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