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Re: Tell me your thyroid cancer story.. please

My thyroid cancer story (so far!)
I am a 46 yo woman. Back in my twenties I had nodules which were treated with synthroid. They biopsied them and they were benign. They kept me on the synthroid for years which seemed to keep them away. Then one day a doctor told me I could go off of the synthroid, so I did. For several years following, I didn't have a check up. There were some life issues and I neglected my health. Then one day not too long ago I realized that I was having difficulty swallowing, and when I was sitting at my desk I had difficulty swallowing when my head was back. Went to my Primary, who felt masses on my neck. From there he set up an ultrasound and contacted an endo, who got me in for a biopsy about a month later. The biopsy, they told me was in an indeterminate zone whereby it was impossible to confirm cancer, though they told me it was about a 75% chance that it was. They also said without a doubt that a total thyroidectomy was indicated. I clung to the hope that when I was younger the biopsies always came back benign. In the mean time they also did a Barium Swallow because of the difficulty swallowing, which showed an indentation from the mass on my right side. I agreed to the surgery indicated, and did a lot of research on my own as to whether this was the only way to go. Everything I read seemed to indicate that a TT was the best thing if it was cancer so that's what we did.

I should mention that my thyroid levels had been completely normal all throughout, but I still felt lousy most of the time and was getting to the point, the last six months where I was not functioning productively at all. They never did antibody levels, so I don't know what they were.

Now I am two and a half weeks post op. The path came back positive for cancer and I am awaiting an appointment with the endo this week to determine when to start RAI treatments. They sent me home from the hospital on Levoxyl and calcium since my levels were low. But thankfully the surgeon spared my parathyroids and things seem to be back to normal now.

I hope this helps a little.