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Re: Avascular necrosis hip

I'm in the mess with you. I was diagnosed with AVN in both hips when I was 32. I had a core decompression done in both hips to buy me some time. It worked. As a result, it bought me 5 years on the worst one and I had my first hip done at 37. That hip was showing sign of collapse when the core was done. On the other hip, it bought me 11 years total. I just had that one done and I'm now 43. I should note that I am extremely active. I got to the gym, cycle, lift weights, and walk etc.

Your doc wants you to lose weight b/c every pound you lose takes 7 lbs of pressure off of your hip. This is difficult if diet doesn't work and your hip hurts which prevents you from exercising. You should get some different treatment opinions before you decide on a course of action. The first doctor who diagnosed it on me want to replace both of my hips at the same time 6 weeks after the diagnosis. So it's important to get 2nd and 3rd opinions before you choose a direction. I can't stress that enough.