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Re: osteochondral allograft transplant

Hi Keithap
Haven't had it yet, but am on the list to have the osteochondral allograft done on my left lateral femoral condyle. Funny you're a physio - I'm an O.T.

I'm having it done in Toronto, Dr. Alan Gross -- seems to be quite a guru/pioneer in reconstructive orthopaedics, so I think I'm in good hands. Apparently he has the largest bank of OATS under study in the world.

I'm interested in how your rehab is coming along... I was told NWB for 3 months, I prefer the sound of WBAT at 4 weeks. Was the post-op pain ridiculous? Did you need an osteotomy too? Dr. G. says my legs are plumb-straight, but since he wants to off-load the lateral compartment to preserve the graft, he's going to do a medial tibial osteotomy while he's in there.

What kind of anesthesia did you have - I'm told to expect a spinal, which I've never had before.