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Unhappy Are there any specific tests my doc should run?

She knows I've been binging & purging for the past 7 yrs now. She knows I abuse laxatives and diet pills. She knows I never feel good. I'm always exhausted. I have headaches. Muscle cramps plague me. My stomach seems to hurt on a regular basis now.

Are there any specific tests she should be running to make sure all my levels are okay? I honestly don't even know how to go about getting her to run these tests. Every doctor I've ever been to treats me like I'm not at all entitled to know what is going on with my treatments, with my diagnoses, etc. I feel very powerless in getting better because of this.

The only real support I have irl is my roommate, who has set bathroom rules for me. He won't let me play music in there, in case I'm trying to drown out 'noise'. He said that based on the time it takes me to get ready on average, that any time I am taking longer than that he'll start knocking and he wants me to converse through the door. It's a bit strict of a regime, but he means well, and it's much better than the fat talk and constant criticism of my body that comes from my family. Even my old therapist said horrid things about my weight. She didn't consider me to have a serious problem because I'm not 'skinny yet'.

Even still with this great roommate, I feel compelled to undermine him, and I have been abusing laxatives and diet pills still. I still find ways to fast by lying that I've already eaten, then exercise in secret when everyone is sleeping. I feel terrible, but its not easy to just stop. All the same I am worried for my health and I would love to rule out any severe nutritional deficiencies. I'm just scared that the doctor won't take me seriously when I bring the issue up to her because everyone keeps looking at me and seeing me as being 'too fat to really be eating disordered'. It's stressful. Along with all my other stresses. Everything is stressful.

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