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Strange reaction to orgasm


I'm not a particularly paranoid person, but as I've recently become sexually active, I have discovered an odd reaction of my body to an orgasm. I had my first one about a week ago (or at least, I think it was an orgasm). A lot of what I've read says you'll know the precise moment that you have one, but I can't seem to process it as one moment of a reaction. It's more like a continuous thing. What I do know, is that when I have a particularly powerful one, my hands from the elbow down, my nose, and my lips all go completely numb. That's the strange reaction I'm talking about. Does anyone else experience this, or has anyone heard of it happening before? While it's kind of exciting, it also kind of freaks me out because for about ten minutes, I have little to no control over those parts of my body. Fortunately the guy I'm with is very respectful and takes it as a compliment that I get so tingly I can't even move my mouth.

Anyway, I just wanted to see if I'm completely alone in this reaction, and if I should be worried about it at all. Thanks in advance for your perspective.

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