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Re: Lower abdominal pain

Originally Posted by Tillymint03 View Post
Thanks everyone for replying, I do get cramps before my period is due but I'm still 10 days away from that starting so I wasn't too sure what it could be. I'm also a vegetarian so do eat healthy, I guess with my periods being unpredictable recently I'm just worrying about every slight change. It's all been regular until 3 months ago so I'm all over the place, i did have some blood tests last week for my hormone levels but the docs said they are normal.
I thinks it's strange how I can have normal periods for years an then out the blue it all changes an becomes irregular.

Thanks again
That was another indicator for me as well that something was wrong. I was always extremely regular and then all of a sudden it went crazy. Have you had an ultrasound to rule out cysts? If your hormone levels and blood work cam back fine I would think that would be something they would look into for you !